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Businesses must be able to understand their competitors, protect their bottom line, and protect their assets. Having a solid security apparatus in place is paramount to achieving these goals. Lynx offers a wide array of solutions tailored to a company’s needs. Drawing on decades of experience in a wide range of intelligence backgrounds, Lynx might be able to assist you in a solution, even if you do not see it provided. You may know these solutions by another name.

All Investigations

If you require the services of a private investigator, please navigate to the Investigative Services tab. We offer many types of investigative services tailored to your individual case.

Business Traveler Preparation

Are you or do you have an executive or other employee planning a trip overseas? In today’s world, the threat of economic espionage is very real. The Center for Strategic and International Studies has estimated this threat to cost businesses over $445 billion annually. Even Pierre Marion, former French intelligence officer, famously stated “In economics, we are competitors, not allies,” meaning countries considered “safe” are really not. Your company has spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours of labor creating proprietary information and trade secrets. Do not let this information fall into the wrong hands! A professional from Lynx with a background in counterintelligence can prepare your traveler for dangers you or your employees may face when traveling abroad. As an additional side benefit, Lynx can provide you with a cleared interpreter for high-level meetings.

Contract Compliance

Intellectual property usage, trademarks, activity checks, mystery shopping, enforcement, and non-compete agreements are just a few examples of contract compliance checks that Lynx can do for your organization. Utilizing a combination of surveillance, interviews, research, and other intelligence collection techniques, the professionals at Lynx can ensure you gather sufficient evidence for your suit.

Covert Video Installation

If you suspect theft or other nefarious activity is occurring on your property, you might have considered the installation of covert video. Let a professional from Lynx install this system and protect your bottom-line.

Due Diligence

For the purposes of due diligence and impeachment, a comprehensive background investigation can be conducted on an individual or business. For the most part, past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior, which is why thorough due diligence is important. Do not assist with M and A without ensuring all parties have been vetted.

Electronic Evidence Collection

In an ever-increasing technological world, sometimes sensitive evidence may only be found in the digital realm. It takes an expert in retrieving, collecting, and handling this kind of evidence in order to preserve it. By utilizing the latest legally-approved methods, a professional from Lynx can provide a variety of solutions, such as evidence acquisition, desktop, laptop, mobile, removable media forensics, data loss discovery, data loss investigation, and data recovery. Let a security professional from Lynx assist you with the delicate task of the chain of custody involving digital evidence.

Digital and Physical Penetration Testing

If you are an executive who cares deeply about your organization and wants to ensure their security plan stands the highest level of scrutiny, Lynx can assemble a “Red Team” to test your company’s security. The term “Red Team” in the government vernacular stands for an independent team that tests vulnerabilities in an organization’s security. At the end of the test, a comprehensive report is created for the consumer complete with recommendations based on findings. The team will use a combination of tactics honed in the intelligence realm such as physical and technical surveillance, elicitation, social engineering probes, open-source intelligence collection, and physical attempts at entry in order to gauge the current security plan in place. The team can simulate criminals, foreign governments, international terrorist organizations, disgruntled employees/insider threats, and lone wolves, just to name a few. Contact Lynx today for the solution!

Security Audits, Compliance, Consulting

Is the technology that you use to secure your business secrets up to date? Are you concerned that an unscrupulous employee does not have your company’s best interest in mind? Have you ever considered how easy it is to physically access your office, filing cabinets with sensitive information, or meeting room? There is an old adage in the security world. The saying goes the amount of a client’s budget spent on security is always too much until there is an incident and then it’s never enough. If any of these issues have been a concern for you, or if you want to take proactive measures to protect yourself, your reputation, and your bottom line, contact the professionals at Lynx today.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) is the official government term for a process of systematically checking your environment for technical surveillance devices in order to detect, neutralize, and/or exploit them. Known colloquially and unofficially as “debugging,” “bug sweeps,” and by a whole litany of other names, the process requires a specialized technician using sophisticated electronic equipment to determine the presence of covert audio and video devices. These devices can be placed in your meeting room, board room, office, boat/yacht, automobile, or even your home in order for criminals or competitors to gain information about you. As technology gets better every day, professionals must be up to date on the latest methodology to locate these devices. Lynx only utilizes technicians trained at the Interagency Training Center; the sole federal government facility for training federal intelligence and law enforcement personnel in TSCM matters. Do not be fooled by other organizations who use personnel who took a seminar in a hotel and calls themselves a TSCM technician. Our technicians required one year of training before a probationary period and then finally certification. Contact Lynx today for this solution.

Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessments

An organization may require a comprehensive security assessment. Sometimes the organization has a specific location that requires the review. Lynx can tailor an assessment focusing on the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities your organization is facing. Measures can then immediately be undertaken in order to fix the specific vulnerabilities in order to enhance the overall security posture. Contact a professional at Lynx today so your individual needs can be attended to.


Lynx has mobile trainers available who conduct very specialized training courses and seminars to prepare individual or group business and personal travelers for their endeavors overseas. Lynx can also train your internal security personnel in a wide variety of skills raising their technical acumen and allowing your personnel to become more valuable within your organization. Contact Lynx today to see if we can help.

Turn-Key Security Solutions

If you are moving into a new location, planning on creating a new business, or want to redesign your current security needs, you need to consider your complete security apparatus. The professionals at Lynx can develop a comprehensive plan considering your needs in: Physical Security, Information Security, Personnel Security, Crime Prevention, Access Control, Storage, Initial and Continual Security Training for Employees, Inside Threat Awareness, Active Shooter and other Emergency Planning, Creation of Standard Security Operating Procedures, Safeguarding Documentation and Other Trade Secrets, Active and Passive Security Measures.

Virtual Chief Security Officer

If you are expanding but don’t yet have the budget for a full-time chief security officer, why not hire Lynx to serve in the role in as needed basis? By engaging in this contract service, you will have the collection of over 300 years of security, intelligence, and investigations experience at your fingertips for a low monthly cost to solve your security problems. Contact Lynx today for more details.

Contact Lynx today in order to have your complete security and investigative needs attended to so you can concentrate on your bottom line.