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Attorneys are some of the biggest customers of private investigators for standard reasons of collecting evidence for civil and criminal cases on behalf of their clients. However, attorneys can also benefit from a litany of security services such as a TSCM sweep of their office, competitive intelligence collection, or overall security consulting to protect their offices and themselves.  While we don’t do everything (and be wary of any company that does!) we might be able to assist you in a solution you don’t see provided.  You may even know it as another name.

Asset Investigations

In preparation for civil or criminal cases you may need to determine a business or individual’s assets. An investigation into these matters can uncover a list of current assets, hidden assets, bogus assets, shadow banking methods, and provide precision due diligence at varying levels of scale depending on the depth you want to check into a business or individual’s financial matters. Contact a Lynx professional today to see if we can help.

Background Investigations

For the purposes of due diligence and impeachment, a comprehensive background investigation can be conducted on an individual or business. For the most part, past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior, which is why thorough due diligence is important. Do not assist with M & A without ensuring all parties have been vetted. Before moving forward with a trial, make sure your witnesses will not be impeached with past inconsistent statements or criminal acts. Ensure your expert witness actually has the credentials they say they have, increasing the probability of you winning your case. Contact a Lynx professional today to see if we can help.

Contract Compliance

Intellectual property usage, trademarks, activity checks, mystery shopping, enforcement, and non-compete agreements are just a few examples of contract compliance checks that Lynx can do for your client and firm. Utilizing a combination of surveillance, interviews, research, and other intelligence collection techniques, the professionals at Lynx can ensure you gather sufficient evidence for your suit. Contact a Lynx professional today to see if we can help.

Domestic Investigations

The term domestic in this capacity is an overarching term referring to matters such as infidelity/divorce, locating witnesses, child custody, probate, stalking, and harassment. There are many ways these investigations can go and each case requires an individual approach where a custom plan can be developed. The professionals at Lynx can assist you in these matters today.

Electronic Evidence Collection

In an ever-increasing technological world, sometimes sensitive evidence may only be found in the digital realm. It takes an expert in retrieving, collecting, and handling this kind of evidence in order to preserve it for trial or board decision. By utilizing the latest legally-approved methods, your evidence will stand the highest level of scrutiny in the court or the boardroom. This solution can be used for a range of cases such as divorce, fraud, unauthorized disclosures, and cyberstalking. Let a security professional from Lynx assist you with the delicate task of chain of custody involving digital evidence so that you can concentrate on winning your case.

Insurance Investigations

These investigations usually involve an insurance company that has retained you. If it concerns workers’ compensation cases, premise liability claims, disability claims, wellness checks, or other matters of fraud, the professionals at Lynx may be able to assist in gathering evidence for trial and/or revocation of insurance payouts.

Process Serving

If you have a law practice in Washington D.C., Maryland, or Northern Virginia, you may require the assistance of someone to assist your firm in serving subpoenas, summons, and other official documents. Sometimes these documents are easy to deliver, other times the party being served may not want to be served or has taken steps to make it difficult to be served. Let a professional from Lynx help you with service of process so you can concentrate on other matters of your case.

Security Audits, Compliance, and Consulting

Is your technology that you build your cases on up to date? Are you concerned that an unscrupulous member of society is trying to access sensitive details on your case? Concerned that a temporary attorney does not have your firm’s best interest in mind? Have you ever considered how easy it is to physically access your office, filing cabinets with sensitive case files, or meeting room? There is an old adage in the security world. The saying goes, the amount of a client’s budget spent on security is always too much until there is an incident, and then it’s never enough. If any of these issues have been a concern for you, or if you want to take proactive measures to protect yourself, your reputation, and your bottom line. Contact us today.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) is the official government term for a process of systematically checking your environment for technical surveillance devices in order to detect, neutralize, and/or exploit them. Known colloquially and unofficially as “debugging,” “bug sweeps,” and by a whole litany of other names, the process requires a specialized technician using sophisticated electronic equipment to determine the presence of covert audio and video devices. These devices can be placed in your meeting room, board room, office, boat/yacht, automobile, or even your home in order for criminals or competitors to gain information about you. As technology gets better every day, professionals must be up to date on the latest methodology to locate these devices. Lynx only utilizes technicians trained at the Interagency Training Center; the sole federal government facility for training federal intelligence and law enforcement personnel in TSCM matters. Do not be fooled by other organizations who use personnel who took a seminar in a hotel and calls themselves a TSCM technician. Our technicians required one year of training before a probationary period and then finally certification.

Contact Lynx today in order to have your complete security and investigative needs attended to. This way, you can concentrate on your bottom line and winning your case.