Here are what some of our clients and readers are saying:

"Thank you for your time and I really do appreciate your thorough report. Should I ever need these types of services again, you'll be the first person I contact. Out of all the P.I.s I contacted, you were the most detailed and actually asked relevant questions."
- Madalyn G.
"Very professional and returned detailed results faster than expected. Will be using Lynx Security Group in the future!"
- Chris S.
"Lynx Security Group did an amazing job with my case. They were extremely professional and I got the answers I needed. I ended up winning my child custody case in court because of the evidence provided by this company. Will definitely use them again if needed!"
- Lucas M.
"I contacted Lynx Security Group for an out of state commercial matter and was immediately provided with invaluable information within 24 hrs. The information was precise, timely and resulted in a windfall. Mr. Panico is a consummate professional."
- Juan V.
"Lynx is professional and did great work for us. I would recommend this company."
- Dale M.
"If I can describe Jessie in one word it would be meticulous. An employee left us for another company on less than favorable terms. We needed to ensure what we discussed in our conference room stayed in our conference room. Jessie searched every square inch with his equipment and produced a detailed report. I can’t ask for anything else. Thank you for your professionalism, Lynx Security Group."
- Stuart P.
“The first time I hired Lynx, I was left with a very good impression. I was contacted by Edward, and I could immediately tell he was professional to the T … and he delivered – the summons was served the same day and irrefutable confirmations of the transaction were provided. I could ask for nothing more. I’ve since hired Lynx several more times and will definitely continue doing business with the company.”
- Daniel T.
“Edward was a consummate professional. He stuck to getting the facts about my case which allowed me to get the evidence I needed for court. His final report was detailed. Most importantly, he did not judge my situation. If I ever need similar services for my business I would recommend Edward easily.”
- Frank G.
“Edward did an excellent job with my case. The case he was able to put together was very detailed and organized. He was able to find proof of things I had only suspicions about. He always did things in a professional manner. I could not be more happy with the results. Thank you for doing such a great job. I would recommend Edward to anyone needing investigative work.”
- Lousie J.
“Edward was very professional. He kept me informed all the way through the processes. He carried out the task at hand, for which I’m very grateful.”
- Farrell R.
“It was quite impressive, Edward was always available to answer the phone, and he walked me step by step through the process, legalities, and kept me informed throughout the whole thing! You pay for what you get, and this one was worth it!”
- Paul W.
“I hired Lynx Security Group for an infidelity case. They were extremely thorough and found more information than I ever would have expected an investigation company to be able to unfold.
- Amanda H.
“Nic was with me half a day and provided professional protection. Nic knows his job and does it with courtesy & kindness.
I highly recommend LYNX!”
- Ave M.
“Excellent customer service, communication throughout the process, and detailed papertrail. Efficient and fast serve. I would hire them again in a second.”
- Racheal A.
“No investigative person/agency that I have been in contact with here in the San Francisco Bay Area has been nearly as efficient and thorough as you have been so far…thank you.”
- Barrie D.
“How to Start a Private Investigation Business: A Proven Blueprint for Success is a must read for anyone who is thinking about starting or is currently operating a PI company. Mr. Panico has artfully written what will soon become the “go to manual” for private investigators. From soup to nuts, this book covers it all. As the owner of a private investigation agency with over 32 years with the FBI, I humbly find myself opening ‘the Panico manual’ to read what Edward recommends.”
- Armando L. Palmieri, Retired FBI Special Agent & Principal - PALM Investigations LLC
“[How to Start a Private Investigation Business] draws our attention to the core strategies in developing a successful private investigation business, while providing valuable examples of the often-overlooked nuances that make being a successful business owner possible. This book touches on everything from education, the day-to-day operations, the impact on your family, and more, in a user-friendly and intelligent way. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to branch out on their own in the private investigation industry.”
- Jonathan Cassidy, Director of Corporate Operations - Elite Detective Services, Inc.
“Edward Panico is the best of both worlds. He gives great insight on both the private and public sector. If you think private investigation is mysterious, wait until he breaks down the legal aspect of it. Panico is opening doors where doors don’t exist. It’s the only way to describe it. If you’re looking to start your own PI agency, this needs to be your Bible.”
- Rachael Siani, CEO and Private Investigator – Caliber Training Solutions LLC
“This is a must read! I recently made the move to start my own PI business after years of being sponsored as a private investigator by a company. I have worked under and with the author, Edward Panico, before and was impressed at his approach to cases. He brought his intelligence training into the private investigative world and delivered top notch results to his clients. I have also witnessed his approach to networking and growing his private investigative company and was impressed in how he was able to grow his company in a short amount of time. If you’re about to start your own PI company this is the book for you.”
- Greg Jakovics, Owner and Private Investigator — Intel 7 Investigations LLC
“Edward Panico is one of the most thorough investigators I have ever had the pleasure to work and train with. Edward shares his expertise in creating a professional investigation agency in this enjoyable read. He has once again helped elevate standards in this industry and we should all be grateful for him.”
- Richard “Rick” Stern, Principal – Train to Aim, LLC and Triune Security of Maryland, LLC